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Does Your Portfolio Need a SPA Treatment?

  • Jeffrey Lipton
  • March 15, 2019

Oppenheimer’s Strategic Portfolio Analysis (SPA) is a unique service offered by the Municipal Capital Markets Research Group. The analysis is a proactive review of municipal bond holdings – that usually leads to recommended changes and other opportunities.

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Here’s how it works:

Oppenheimer analysts review your portfolios with a focus on credit, sector, and geographic diversification, and they make appropriate sell, hold, or structural recommendations based on their analyses. Upon review, a portfolio’s weakest links are identified and you will be guided to make changes that help insulate the portfolio from potential effects of a downturn.

A SPA treatment can:

  • Determine whether a municipal bond is a declining or improving credit, or if it’s part of a sector that has identifiable trouble spots.
  • Identify potential opportunities.
  • Help with the key objective of capital preservation.

Contact an Oppenheimer Financial Advisor to find out if the SPA treatment is right for you. It is offered to both clients and non-clients.