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Next Gen Cloud Native Services Lead Virtual Work Transformation

  • Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
  • February 8, 2022
Customer Experience Is the Nexus of Innovation

Oppenheimer analysts believe they are in the first innings of business communications converging with enterprise IT over the cloud, creating a new “Virtual Workplace” based on a pervasive digital fabric.

Ubiquitous distributed computing will enable hard-to-imagine services to emerge, including elements of Augmented Reality, AI and Quantum Compute, 5G, Machine-to-Machine, Robotics etc. The arrival of the metaverse will further make the digital and physical worlds combine, introducing new methods of collaboration and communication within the workplace and externally with customers and suppliers.


The next-generation virtual workplace will clearly change how CRM, ERP, DevOps and virtually every application operates. Microsoft is the company that is furthest along in creating a unified Virtual Workplace platform.

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