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Corporate Services

Additional ways we can help

Corporate executives and leaders are often faced with unique financial and equity compensation challenges. Our team can help you mitigate these challenges by delivering tailored advice for how to manage liquidity events and equity ownership and help you seamlessly execute stock option strategies, employee option plans and stock repurchases.

Liquidity Events - Pre- and post-planning for liquidity events is crucial to achieving your financial goals. Our team has significant experience helping Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, employees and other business executives manage major liquidity events, from start to finish. We’ll work closely with your accountants, attorneys and other financial professionals involved in the liquidity event to ensure your long-term financial needs are covered. 

  • Sale of a Business - Selling your business is a major milestone and a significant financial event. But with personalized guidance and skillful planning, our team can help you mitigate tax and legal liabilities to help preserve your wealth for the future.
  • Inheritance - Receiving an inheritance from a family member or loved one can change your lifestyle or financial plan in an instant. Our experts can guide you through the inheritance process, as well as the tax and legal implications, to ensure you are maximizing the value of your inheritance. From there, we’ll help you develop a strategy to ensure your new financial asset fits into your long-term financial plan.

Stock Option Strategies (Equity Ownership) - Equity ownership can play a major role in future wealth creation. Our team specializes in helping employees, executives and business owners maximize the value of their equity ownership. We can guide you through the benefits and considerations of holding, exercising or selling your stock options as well as provide strategies for alternative paths to liquidity.

Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans - Establishing a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan can help diversify a portfolio that contains large company stock positions and/or options, and help protect you against insider trading liability. Our team will design a customized Rule 10b5-1 plan that fits your needs.