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Professionals Alliance Group

An Innovative Referral Program, Forging Lasting Bonds for Client Success

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, Oppenheimer pioneered the Professionals Alliance Group (PAG) in 1997. Representing a collaboration between an array of trusted partners, including accounting firms, lawyers, agents, business managers, family offices, and financial advisors, PAG marked the inception of a new approach to client-centric financial solutions. As a select member of Oppenheimer’s PAG program, we operate on a simple premise: enable certified trusted partners to broaden their service offerings by integrating wealth management and diverse financial services through a strategic partnership with Oppenheimer. This approach ensures that clients not only receive financial guidance but also receive a holistic level of service marked by heightened communication and transparency with their trusted advisors.

Our PAG network of strategic partnerships enables a comprehensive approach to advising clients. From legal intricacies to strategic business management, several facets of financial well-being are represented within the PAG alliance.

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PAG Partners receive a fee for referring clients to Oppenheimer. Due to this compensation arrangement, PAG Partners have an incentive to recommend Oppenheimer and its programs, resulting in a material conflict of interest.

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The Professionals Alliance Group (PAG) is a division of Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc. ("OAM"), a registered investment adviser. OAM and Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. ("Oppenheimer") are both indirect wholly owned subsidiaries of Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. Securities are offered by Oppenheimer, a registered investment advisor and broker dealer.