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Financial Empowerment by The Newman Group

Press Release from the Women’s Jewelry Association

Closing the gender wealth gap is a critical component of reaching gender-equality in the United States. Women’s ability to earn, save and invest is critical to the functioning of our businesses and communities. To further its mission of supporting the personal and professional development of women in the jewelry and watch industries, the Women’s Jewelry Association is proud to kick off its first-ever Financial Empowerment series in partnership with The Newman Group of Oppenheimer & Co.. The first event, Women and Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Future, will be held virtually Wednesday, February 24th, at 1pm EST with Cindy and Morgan Newman of The Newman Group of Oppenheimer & Co.

man running

Your Story, Your Goals, Your Plan

Could you imagine running a marathon without training? Or achieving the best possible grades in school without studying? So what does this have to do with financial planning? Why is it important? Regardless of age or net worth, we all have different priorities we aspire to reach in life.


How to…Establish a Budget & Stick to It!

When I first entered the workforce, I would often times find myself afraid to pull up my credit card activity or bank statements online. It was easier not to look than to see my paycheck go poof! The crazy part was, I couldn’t even tell you what I spent the money on. As I started to approach my mid-20’s, despite salary increases, I wasn’t making progress financially.

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Is It Time for Your Annual Plan Check-Up?

Now’s the time to re-evaluate your retirement plan to make sure that it continues to meet all of your needs. You’ve gone through a lot of trouble to set up and maintain your retirement plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s still working the way it was initially intended to work...