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Back to Basics – Your Net Worth

Back to Basics – Your Budget

Back to Basics – Your Emergency Fund

3 Tips to Investing During Down Markets

Join us as we discuss what is happening to the stock market today.

Cracking the Code on Crypto

From politician’s paycheck to names on stadiums, cryptocurrency is everywhere. The more popularity crypto has gained, the more polarized it has become. Is it the future of finance or is it a fad? Join us as we dive into this question and help determine if crypto should be part of your investment portfolio.

Guest Speaker Jason Wright, Senior Partner and Global Head of Marketing from Skybridge Capital


How to Ace Your Next Performance Review

Your Annual Performance Review…the moment you’ve been waiting for (or dreading!). It’s your chance to prove your worth to your boss and position yourself to get ahead in your career. Join us to get the information you need to level-up at work this year!

Featuring: Meggie Palmer,Founder of PepTalkHer


Get Physically and Financially Fit!

As we kicked off the new year, we had our first Women & Money Zoom series on how to not only get your financial house in order, but also create a pathway to a healthier you. We were excited to be joined by celebrity trainer, Heidi Jones, to discuss how to create an attainable 5-step plan to help you reach your fitness & financial goals in 2022 - all in 30 minutes!...

Mothers & Daughters Talk Real Estate

In this Zoom call, Cindy & Morgan are to be joined by Maggie Chong from SERHANT and Wendy Chong from RE/MAX- a mother-daughter duo of real estate agents. Whether you're buying your first home or thinking about downsizing, listen in to get answers to your real estate questions, including...

  • Is now a good time to buy or sell?
  • How much do I really need for a down payment?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make when buying or selling their home?

How to Know Your Worth & Ask for It!

Quite simply, the more money you earn, the more money you have to save and invest. Being able to know your worth in today’s job market and confidently ask for it is crucial to your financial future. For this Zoom, we were joined by Meggie Palmer who founded PepTalkHer with the mission of closing the gender pay gap. We discussed…

  • How to effectively negotiate your salary and ask for a raise
  • Tips for empowering yourself and overcoming impostor syndrome
  • Insight on tools and resources available to help you know your worth in today’s job market

What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatment and Financing Options

Working with Gen X & Millennial women, when we talk about life goals and financial planning conversations about family building and fertility treatment frequently arise. The fact is that fertility treatments are expensive — the cost of care for a successful outcome may cost up to $70,000 which may significantly disrupt one’s savings.

For this Zoom call we will partner with Progyny - a fertility and family building benefits solution. We heard from Cassandra Pratt, SVP of People and Lissa Kline, LCSW, SVP of Member and Provider Services who discussed topics including:

  • Fertility 101
  • Cost of treatment
  • What to expect paying out pocket
  • The difference between traditional employer benefits and a fertility benefit plan
  • Personal story of fertility & financing