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Innovation, Disruption, and Opportunity

Innovation, Disruption, and Opportunity

Implications for investors and advisors in 2021—and beyond.


In November 2019, I first shared my views on the current innovation cycle. Sixteen months later, the cycle has accelerated and we continue to be excited about the opportunity to invest in and capitalize upon what we believe is the first large-scale, wide-in-scope cycle of technological innovation since the internet wave of the mid-’90s.

We believe this transformative wave of technological innovation, often referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and interact, and will disrupt businesses globally. Moreover, we believe technology companies, because of the coronavirus crisis, are likely to increasingly benefit, permanently and secularly, from strong trends toward distributed workloads, “work from everywhere,” and the cloud and SaaS/app ecosystem that supports this decentralized user architecture, with security, redundancy, and agility in its deployment and ease of infrastructure scaling. This paradigm change in user behavior, we believe, is likely to not only sustain momentum post-pandemic, but also fundamentally change human-to-business interaction in a secular matter, and digitally transform business collaboration, learning, and training, and the entire sales activity cycle.




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