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Collaborating for Client SuccessProfessionals Alliance Group

Forging Lasting Bonds for Client Success

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, Oppenheimer pioneered the Professionals Alliance Group (PAG) in 1997. Representing a collaboration between accounting firms and financial advisors, PAG marked the inception of a new approach to client-centric financial solutions.

At its core, PAG operates on a simple premise: enable certified public accounting firms to broaden their service offerings by integrating wealth management and diverse financial services through a strategic partnership with Oppenheimer. This approach ensures that clients not only receive financial guidance but also receive a holistic level of service marked by heightened communication and transparency with their trusted advisors.

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Since its inception, Oppenheimer's shared-revenue PAG program has grown substantially and has become one of the most sought-after referral programs.

Evolving to Meet Complex Financial Needs

The realm of wealth management has evolved beyond traditional investment strategies and retirement planning. PAG recognized the shifting landscape, expanding its offerings to include the full-scope of Oppenheimer’s wealth management, capital markets, and investment banking capabilities.

As a result, PAG broadened its alliance to encompass an array of trusted partners, including lawyers, agents, business managers, and family offices. These relationships enable PAG to guide clients through several facets of their financial lives – leveraging the expertise of each alliance member.

PAG's network of strategic partnerships enable a comprehensive approach to advising clients. From legal intricacies to strategic business management, several facets of financial well-being are represented within the PAG alliance.

The Pillars of PAG Success: Communication and Alignment

Our commitment to streamlined communication and robust firm-to-firm relationships is deeply embedded in our organizational structure, with the goal of developing successful, long-term partnerships among our program members.

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As we move forward, PAG remains committed to excellence, innovation, and the enduring success of those we serve – because we believe in the power of achieving more, together.

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