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Timely market analysis and portfolio positioning in the face of volatilityPractical Perspectives

Sharp corrections in the stock market can test even the savviest of investors. To help put current volatility in the proper context for our clients, we’ve launched a new audio series highlighting how our third-party investment managers are responding to recent market events.

EPISODE 2Finding Income

Rahul Sharma


This week, Peter Cadaret welcomes Rahul Sharma, portfolio manager of Schafer Cullen’s Global and International High Dividend portfolios and the Emerging Markets High Dividend portfolio. Rahul will break down the current international investing backdrop, including the valuation disparity between U.S. and non-U.S. markets and the catalysts needed to close the gap.

He will also highlight areas of the market that have better pricing power during periods of high inflation and how clients can earn steady income when yield is scarce.

Listen to his outlook for international markets in the face of geopolitical turmoil, inflation and rising interest rates.

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EPISODE 1Distilling the Fallout From Ukraine

Chad Cleaver, CFA


This week, Chad Cleaver provides his views on Russia’s full-fledged invasion of Ukraine – from the economic measures undertaken – to the impact on commodity markets and their spillover effect for global economic growth.

Chad is the lead portfolio manager of the Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity strategy and a portfolio manager for the Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth and Driehaus Emerging Markets Opportunities strategies.

Listen to a brief discussion on his outlook for markets in the face of geopolitical turmoil, inflation and rising rates.

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