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The Support, Guidance, and Service You NeedYour Business Advocate

With You Every Step of the Way

Traditionally, changing firms has been a major undertaking. We provide the support, guidance, and service you need at every stage of the transition process—from before you move to Oppenheimer, as you’re onboarding, and well after you’ve joined. Our goal is to help you make a seamless transition and start serving clients from day one. Often, we find, joining Oppenheimer creates an excellent opportunity to re-engage existing and prospective clients.

transition services from pre-hire to post-hire
transition services from pre-hire to post-hire

Advisor Concierge Transition Program

We have created the Advisor Concierge Transition (ACT) Program—an innovative way to help ease and guide you through the transition process. The ACT Program includes a formal six stage transition management program—focusing especially on the two months before you join us and the subsequent two months after you join.

Dedicated Transition Concierge

A local transition team will help you navigate your transition into the life of the firm and will coordinate everything for you to ensure a seamless move.

Pre-employment and CRD

We’ve designed a comprehensive method to ensure a timely and thorough pre-hire process to help you avoid any last-minute delays.

Integration Business Planner

Our proprietary tool that helps management create a customized business plan for you, and your integration concierge and branch manager to use as your guideline and checklist for the full process.

Due Diligence Meetings

Before you join, we give you the opportunity to visit Oppenheimer’s Home Office in New York’s historic Wall Street area, where you will meet both senior management, and the product and service heads whose work will be vital to you.

Oppenheimer Education + Program Product Mapping and Due Diligence

As part of your recruitment due diligence, your branch manager and transition concierge set up conference calls with directors of product areas relevant to your practice.


This step will provide everything needed to prepare your clients’ packages and announcements. We provide a user-friendly method for gathering allowable client information. It is designed to help you move your book efficiently and effectively upon joining. Easy to use, the email to your home includes an instruction guide, client information database (for protocol signatories only), and a client introduction letter template.

Peer Sharing with Recent Financial Advisor Hires

If interested, we will put you in touch with other recent hires who share your style of business and can answer your questions about their integration into our firm.

Transition Best Practices and Protocol Review 

Your transition concierge will help guide you through the transition process, including protocol awareness and compliance.

New Financial Advisor Marketing Kit

As your actual moving day draws closer, your branch manager will work with you on the announcements, scripts, letters, and other materials that you can use to announce to your clients and prospects that you have now joined Oppenheimer. We will provide the material that helps them get to know you and your new firm.

Website Design

This optional program provides you with a customized website that can be available to clients soon after your start date. The website is designed to enhance the client experience, and includes information such as your new office location, contact information, and images of you and/or your team.

Bio Design

This optional program provides you with a customized biography in a variety of formats that you can send clients and prospects soon after your start date.

Client Packages and Announcements

Unlike our larger competitors, who are typically not staffed adequately to handle this stage locally, your transition concierge and our experienced staff will prepare materials in the two weeks leading up to your arrival and then populate and mail your client packages on the day you arrive.  

Recruit Resource – N.Y. Team

Within days of your arrival, Ed Harrington, Executive Vice President, Private Client Services, will send you a welcome aboard letter along with a useful contact list of all of the product leaders who will help you with implementation as your accounts begin to arrive. Oppenheimer’s product leaders make themselves personally available –rather than relying on deputies.

Local Transition Team

As your transition team is local, they are able to schedule their time to be on the job from the day you join andfor as long as you need them. They will assist with:

  • New account opening
  • ACATS submission
  • Integration support
  • Systems help
  • Communication with the Firm’s Home Office
  • FA Desktop/Workstation Training
  • One-on-one training is available to each new hire to ensure they are proficient with Insight and other workstation applications.  

Money Guide Pro Outreach

Michael Tynan, Managing Director of the Financial Planning Group of our affiliate Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc., will provide one-on-one training to review the Money Guide Pro Planning process and ensure you are comfortable with the program.

Post-Hire Resources

Post-hire Integration Strategy Meeting

After your first three months, you will be invited back to New York to take a deeper look at the products and services available on the Oppenheimer platform. You will have the opportunity to meet the Home Office team members with whom you will be working, and to share ideas and best practices with other advisors who are in the same stage of transition.

Dedicated Business Development Representatives

Both internal (NY based) and external (available for training at your local office) representatives are available to discuss how we can continue to help you and your practice grow through:

  • Coaching and consulting platforms
  • Advisory Platforms
  • Money Guide Pro support
  • Advisor Newsletter Service
  • And many other available productivity tools
support team reviewing documents

Unlimited Support

Oppenheimer provides the best possible practice management, transaction processing, compliance, and custody services to make life easier for you, and by extension, your clients.

From operations to legal and compliance, we approach your business as an advocate who works with you on addressing the complexities you face when managing your clients’ wealth.

Your business is also your brand. Our in-house marketing team has the tools and resources you need to enhance your digital and social media presence.

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Tools & Technology

From our AdvisorWorks dashboard to our alternative investments platform to compliance readiness, we are focused on delivering tools for today, and a roadmap of innovations for tomorrow. We are improving our clients’ digital onboarding experience with a new prospect portal, and redesigning the Client Access app to meet the needs of our mobile users.

Oppenheimer’s technology team will provide you with a full list of advanced capabilities to successfully manage your client relationships, and to help you run your business more efficiently. AdvisorWorks is one of our many comprehensive advisor platforms designed with you in mind, and is continuously improved based on advisor feedback.

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Your drive to succeed, eagerness to take on challenges, and openness to collaborating with our diverse colleagues in the pursuit of excellence can make Oppenheimer the right place for you.

Oppenheimer is more than just another wealth management firm. The professionals who join us are a part of a distinct culture that helps them, and their clients succeed.

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We believe that you will discover something special about Oppenheimer. Read what the Chairman and Head of Private Client Division have to say to our recruits.

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We believe that you will discover something special about Oppenheimer, and find it is a unique platform to serve clients and grow your business.

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Advisory, transactional, or a combination of both: your business model is supported at Oppenheimer.

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Oppenheimer financial professionals are recognized with several awards and programs each year for their experience, outstanding service to clients, and for being the best in the industry.

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As you consider changing firms, we’re sure you have a lot of questions about compensation. To help guide you, we’ve compiled a list of 5 key compensation-related questions to consider as you decide on the firm that is right for you.

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As we look ahead, we are hopeful that you continue to consider moving your business to Oppenheimer, and we believe you will discover exciting opportunities here.

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