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Retirement Services Small Businesses

Retirement Services for Small Businesses

Design the right retirement plan for your business.

Deciding on a retirement plan for your business is a big step. Whether you’re a sole-proprietor, partnership, or corporation, Oppenheimer can guide you towards the most appropriate retirement plan design, administration service provider, and investment management program. We have no exclusive products or partnerships that conflict with our recommendations, so our guidance is unbiased and with the best interest of you and your employees in mind. 

Choosing the right plan.

Retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes; Oppenheimer is here to help you for the right one. Different plans may appeal to different employers based on the amounts that may be contributed, an employer’s ability to commit to a contribution, and employee demographics.

There are three basic types of tax-favored retirement plans that you may sponsor: employer sponsored IRAs (SEP or SIMPLE), defined contribution, and defined benefit plans.

Furthermore, there are different types of defined contribution and defined benefit retirement plans available.

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Any of these plans, variations of them, or combinations of them may be right for your business.  Determining the right plan design depends on a variety of factors including the size of your company, ownership structure, goals, available finances, employee ages, and projected growth. We will work with you on the considerations that are most important to you.

Helping your employees achieve their goals.

If a SEP or SIMPLE IRA solution is appropriate for you, each employee would maintain their own segregated account and work with an Oppenheimer Financial Professional to determine the appropriate investment and asset allocation for their account.

While defined benefit plans are invested by employer representatives or trustees, defined contribution plans can be either employer/trustee or participant directed. For a participant directed plan, the employer may allow a completely self-directed account or choose to limit the investments that are available. For example, many employers who sponsor a 401(k) plan for their employees allow investment in a short list of mutual funds carefully chosen with an Oppenheimer Financial Professional from the thousands of mutual funds that are available.

Oppenheimer will work with you to determine and implement not only the proper plan design but also a suitable investment structure for your employees.

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