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Engaging Family Office Services

Managing family wealth across generations.

Growing and preserving the wealth of multiple family members is becoming increasingly difficult for family offices. Oppenheimer's Family Office Services can help.

We enable a family office to offload investment management and other ongoing financial services on behalf of their clients, while maintaining oversight. Whether it is the day-to-day administration of a family's affairs or long-term financial planning, we offer an integrated service focused on maximizing wealth and building deeper relationships.

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How Oppenheimer Financial Professionals add value to a family office.

  • We are experienced professionals who assist members of a family office with preserving and growing wealth
  • We provide an investment platform that offers a broad range of carefully selected and monitored funds across a variety of asset classes, including alternative investments (where appropriate*), as well as special offerings such as Master Limited Partnerships
  • We help fulfill our clients’ objectives with respect to caring for other family members or philanthropic initiatives
  • We assist with the purchase or sale of businesses that family office clients may own, and help set up retirement/pension plans

*For qualified investors only

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