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Transitioning My Wealth

Your estate and legacy.

What happens to your wealth after you're gone?

After years of working hard to build and maintain your wealth, it's time to consider what's next. Estate planning is never easy but with the right strategy in place you can ensure that your financial goals are addressed and your legacy is preserved. Whether you're considering how to pass on your wealth to your children and grandchildren, sell or transfer of your business, or contribute to your favorite charity, Oppenheimer Financial Professionals can help you build and execute a plan.

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We can assist you with a wide variety of estate planning strategies such as:

  • Taking advantage of estate planning and legacy gifting
  • Creating a reliable income stream for retirement
  • Maximizing gifting
  • Passing on your assets to the next generation
  • Creating a family tradition of gifting
  • Crafting customized retirement account beneficiary designations
Planning Your Estate and Legacy

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