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Investing as a Couple

  • Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
  • August 6, 2019

It’s about communication and compromise

Planning your finances with your partner can be especially difficult if you have different views on how money should be invested. If you are more of a conservative investor and your partner is a very aggressive investor you might have a tough time finding the right compromise. If you communicate well with your partner you will find that a diversified portfolio should have a place for both conservative and more aggressive investments. Keep in mind that investing in securities is speculative and entails risk, including the loss of principal and that diversification does not guarantee a profit nor protect against a loss.

The first thing you need to discuss with your partner is what your collective financial goals are. Each couple is different and in a perfect world you both would have the same goals and timeline in mind. However, most people have their own idea of how finances should be managed.

Couple investing

Communication is Key

If you communicate what each of you want, you can develop a plan that keeps you on the same page. Working on a financial plan can help make sure both partners understand how money is being handled. For example, if you are the sole financial planner for your family and something happens to you that leaves you unable to make decisions, would your partner know how to handle your finances without you?

Compromise can ease discomfort

If you feel uneasy about a certain investment that your spouse expressed interest in, research it and create your own opinion. Talk to your partner about finding an investment that may push you out of your comfort zone, but you feel good about. Remember to listen to your partner’s concerns before investing. Explaining to them how you see the investment may help ease their discomfort, and keep in mind that you can always make changes to your portfolio gradually.

Remember, you’re not alone. You can always talk to an Oppenheimer Financial Advisor to help create a plan that works for the both of you.