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Growth Potential

  • Oppenheimer Life Agency, Ltd.
  • March 14, 2023

When we think of our retirement years, we envision spending time relaxing with our loved ones, pursuing a hobby or visiting places we never had time to travel to. It is easy to look towards an ideal future while comfortable in your current lifestyle. However, have you considered what your future will be without the income you receive today? Will your savings be enough to support the retirement that you are looking forward to? An annuity can be the solution to providing the financial security to maintain the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to throughout your golden years.

Meet Hannah

Hannah, age 61, is a successful HR manager who is nearing retirement. Hannah lives a comfortable lifestyle, and loves to travel whenever she can. Hannah has been building her savings throughout her career, but is concerned about whether it will be enough with Social Security to support her lifestyle and vision of traveling during her retirement years. In addition to this hobby she wants to pursue, Hannah is also concerned about saving enough money to provide financial support to her nieces and nephews, in the event something ever were to happen to her. She decides to meet with her financial professional, Rhonda, to discuss her retirement concerns and legacy intentions. During this discussion, Rhonda proceeds to question Hannah on her risk tolerance as it relates to investing in the market. Hannah expresses that she is moderately conservative and has concerns over market volatility. She further clarifies that although she is interested in investing, she is worried over the thought of possibly losing the savings she has planned to use for retirement. During their conversation, Rhonda explains that an annuity might be a suitable strategy for Hannah. By diversifying a portion of her savings into an index-variable annuity, Hannah may be able to receive upside growth potential on her money, which could in turn help provide and support future income in her retirement. In addition, the annuity will provide a contractual level of protection on the assets she has invested. Hannah agrees that this investment vehicle addresses her goals and purchases the annuity. She now feels confident that not only will she have the income potential to pursue her retirement vision but will also be able to leave the legacy she had always intended for her loved ones.

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Finding Happiness in Your Golden Years


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