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Athlete Wealth Management Services

Athlete Wealth Management Services

Some of the most challenging experiences athletes face during their careers do not occur on the field.

Many athletes rely on talented professionals to help them handle their various off the field needs. Those they select to be part of their personal team may greatly impact their success in life. That’s where we come in; to address the many financial challenges athletes face during and after their careers. The Robinson Private Client Group collaborates with athletes’ most trusted advisors, such as agents, tax and legal professionals, and front office administrators, so the athlete can fully concentrate on performing at the highest level.

An athlete’s career is generally unpredictable and often has a relatively short lifespan. With that in mind, our focus is on helping construct an investment and risk management program that addresses the dreams and goals that drive the athlete.

"These efforts may help create a greater level of financial stability so the future stays bright even after the stadium lights go out."

We work collaboratively to implement an extensive planning process that uncovers many of the quantitative and qualitative factors likely to impact an athlete’s life. Only after gaining a deep understanding into the issues one faces are we in a position to recommend how capital should be invested. From there we create completely customized investment strategies tailored to each unique athlete’s situation.

We understand the streaks and slumps common to professional athletes. Just as an endorsement deal can bring on a liquidity and tax event that requires careful planning and action, an injury can bring on a loss of income and possibly a diminishment of peak earning years. The grit and dedication of year-round workouts, those early mornings and late nights in the gym spent toward dreams and aspirations, are matched by the weight of responsibility we feel, for the role we play in athletes’ lives.

"Together, we’ll devise a wealth management strategy that will help account for the unique variables of a professional athlete’s life and career, while addressing the dreams and goals that drive you."


  • Cash flow is among the unpredictable factors throughout the year and over the stages of your career, so understanding your income and expenses at any point in time is key to daily and future considerations.
  • We do not tell you how to spend your money, but can provide education and guidance based on our experience, for budgeting, paying bills, and discussing your ideas, to help you make informed decisions.
  • We maintain transparent communication with your team of advisors and industry professionals such as your agent, front office administration, tax advisors, and others, which should help keep finances aligned.

Wealth Management

  • To know before every play, “What do I do if the ball comes to me?” is true with financial decisions and long term planning toward goals. Learning the facts of your life and circumstances is our goal.
  • Our deep relationship with clients, when combined with the powerful analytical and financial tools of Oppenheimer, help produce informed decisions.
  • We act as an extension of your accountability team, to model how your life’s financial components work together within the context of a long term plan.

Investment Advice

  • We strongly believe in diversification* and a disciplined process to minimize emotional decision making that may impact long term growth.
  • We do not sell proprietary products, receive commissions from fund managers, or use “cookie cutter” models. Instead, we believe in transparency, and using understandable yet leading edge strategies.
  • We understand you’ve worked hard, and we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest and customize a unique strategy that reflects your goals while addressing risk.

Retirement Planning

  • We use advanced modeling to analyze how your league and team retirement benefits work cohesively with your investments, insurance and savings.
  • This may include philanthropy, children’s education savings, and trust and estate planning so your legacy is built on a coordinated foundation.
  • You can rely on our dedication. As events may alter your needs, goals and circumstances , we are committed to providing strategies for the extra innings.

Risk Management 

  • We review your insurance needs: home, life, medical, disability etc.
  • We help manage the downside risk and periodically rebalance your investment portfolio.
  • We can act as your filter to assess the validity of potential opportunities and investments.