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Expertise to help you meet your financial goals.

Whether you’re a decision-maker for a public-service agency or an owner of your own business, Oppenheimer offers a full array of services to help you meet your financial goals. Our Financial Ptofessionals can provide you with access to our industry experts in capital markets, investment banking, and public finance.

Our group is ready to help with:

  • Corporate Executive Services -  focus on building a more personal relationship to help you achieve your financial goals, leveraging our Firm’s full-services to deliver tailored advice and seamless execution of your stock trading plans, restricted and control stock strategies, employee option plans, and stock repurchases.
  • Cash Management - our group favors investment-grade bonds with maturities of two years or less. We use a bottom up investment process to ensure our clients are exposed to an optimal amount of risk.  
  • Investment Policy Design & Implementation  
  • Asset Allocation* & Portfolio Construction - We place an emphasis on setting the appropriate asset allocation and targets for the portfolio in order to achieve the organization’s objectives. The purpose of the asset allocation is to help provide diversification benefits and control overall portfolio risk.
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Reporting - Custom-designed monthly performance reports are available as needed.

*Use of an asset allocation does not guarantee a gain or protect against a loss.