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our history

Our History

The Hartzmark Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. is a multi-generational, family-focused practice that has a distinguished legacy of providing investment advice over the span of four generations. With a history of financial entrepreneurship and innovation dating back to the Great Depression, we have been offering guidance as trusted Financial Professionals, helping individuals, families, small businesses and entrepreneurs plan for life’s milestones.

“I like to help people – I don’t care how much money they have”

Lee Hartzmark was a founding partner and mentor, a driving force, and inspiration. Those who knew Lee, whether it was someone he met over his last few months, or a family he or his father before him had been advising for decades, experienced the professionalism and personal qualities he was renowned for.

Lee’s career spanned more than 70 years, beginning in 1951, after he graduated from the University of Michigan. He first worked with his father Joseph, who started in the financial industry during the Great Depression. Lee founded Hartzmark & Co. in 1962, and held seats on the New York and American Stock Exchanges, which grew to seven offices. He was one of the early proponents of options selling. In 1974 he merged his firm into Cowen & Co., and then announced his retirement, which was short lived, as his passion for his work prevailed, and he went right back to serving clients. In 1985 Lee called his former partner at Cowen & Co., Albert “Bud” Lowenthal, who was running Edward A. Viner (now Oppenheimer), and they opened the Pepper Pike Office, near Cleveland. Over the next three decades, the family business grew, solidified with the addition of Bruce in 1985, and later, Adam in 2008.

Family was always of special importance to Lee; working with family, advising families, and being a part of a family focused firm. Lee took the personal approach during his career, be it his support and contributions to various community and philanthropic organizations, right down to his everyday service to investors of all sizes and experience.

The ethos of Lee Hartzmark is what still drives the daily philosophy and practice of the Hartzmark Group today.