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Grow and preserve your assets for the future

Oppenheimer Trust Company of Delaware delivers a comprehensive line of trust services and products to high net worth individuals and families, not-for-profit organizations, and businesses through our fiduciary organization. Our fiduciary services and products complement the wealth of resources available to you through your Oppenheimer Financial Professional, including asset management and investment services.

We offer comprehensive fiduciary products:

  1. For individuals
    1. Trustee Services
    2. Custody Services
    3. Insurance Trusts
  2. For Not-For-Profits
    1. Endowments
    2. Foundations
    3. Charitable Trusts
    4. Perpetuity Services
    5. Cash Management
  3. For Businesses
    1. Balance Sheet Cash Management
    2. Custody Services
    3. Escrow Agent Services

The Delaware Advantage

Many trust offices of nationally recognized financial institutions are located in Delaware in order to offer their clients what is called the Delaware Advantage. Delaware gives numerous tax advantages to individuals, businesses, and other organizations, and is regarded as one of the premier jurisdictions around the globe. Thus, it has become the home of fiduciary organizations such as Oppenheimer Trust Company of Delaware.

Our experienced professionals will work closely with The Hartzmark Group to find the right trust services to help meet your unique investment needs and help achieve your financial objectives. Together, we will develop and implement a plan for your financial future.