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Fiduciary Services Coordination

The Summa Group – At the Advisory Table

Sitting at the advisory table allows The Summa Group to connect the dots for clients and bring peace, clarity, and transparency to the process. Learn more about The Summa Group’s process.

The Summa Group serves not only generations of affluent families, we also will coordinate with business managers, CPAs, attorneys and trustees who act as fiduciaries for their clients. Our Fiduciary Services Coordination process was created to provide a seamless and transparent wealth management synchronization with tax and legal professionals and others who advise affluent families. Typically these professionals share our passion and recognition that working closely together to address our mutual client's fears, anxieties and life objectives is the most effective way to add value.

Services include:

  • Virtual Family Office Setup
  • Fully customized portfolio design and development.
  • Investment manager, due diligence and monitoring.
  • Assist in the development of the Investment Policy Statement to guide decisions.
  • Asset class structuring
  • Aggregation of data, accounts and documentation with 24/7 secure access.
  • Facilitation of proactive working relationships with the entire team of advisors and fiduciaries.

Contact us for more information on the wealth management services we provide for business managers, CPAs, attorneys and trustees.

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