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Liquidity Events

The value that The Summa Group brings to pre and post liquidity planning is mapping where clients want to go, how they are going to get there, and building a team to help them get there. Learn more:

Our expertise at The Summa Group is centered on the financial complexities that arise due to a significant liquidity event. Whether a business is worth $20 million, $50 million, or over $100 million, The Summa Group focuses on serving the needs of these business owners and their families to manage the financial process of pre and post liquidity events.  Having sat at the “advisory table” for more than 25 years, we understand how powerful the end result can be when collaboration happens between a client’s most trusted advisors. Given this unique skill set, The Summa Group routinely is enlisted by top tax and legal advisors to participate in a collaboration process that addresses myriad challenges that are common before, during and after a large scale liquidity event.

Other liquidity events include divorce, exercising significant stock options, inheritance and other transitions of wealth. These events generally also require sophisticated planning, asset management services, as well as coordination with all of the advisors involved in the short and long term with wealth management from accountants, and attorneys to insurance agents and bankers.

Our pre and post liquidity planning presents a detailed look at existing and future cash flow needs, estate consequences, strategies to help reduce the effective tax rate of transactions, generational planning and education, and charitable intents. 

We have found that some business owners find themselves underprepared emotionally and financially for the consequences of a significant liquidity event.

A liquidity event can bring new tax and legal hurdles as well as many positive outcomes. We know that through experienced guidance and planning, many of these challenges may be reduced.

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