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Our Resources

The Hartzmark Group of Oppenheimer & Co. here to provide you the latest news and information:

Macro Views
How to Navigate Economic Data Turbulence - The coronavirus outbreak is driving key measures of economic health toward recession levels, as government-mandated shutdowns are skewing the numbers dramatically. Here's a primer on the most relevant economic reports to watch, how to make sense of the numbers and what they portend for financial markets. Learn more.

Investor Education
Stay Invested for the Long Run - Missing the market’s best days is far worse than being invested during its worst. Keep calm through periods of volatility and talk to your clients about how to dampen the effects of volatility while keeping them on track to hit their long-term goals. Learn more.

Beyond the Bear - Bear markets come and go. So will this one. A historical perspective on the current correction and what it means for asset allocation and portfolio positioning in the long run. Learn more.

Financial Planning
5 Planning Truths for Tumultuous Times - Having a sound financial plan is not just about being prepared for sudden market moves, but also unpredictable events like the coronavirus. Here are tried-and-true personal finance tips to guide you through the adversity. Learn more.