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Transition Support

We are committed to help you meet the needs of your client and grow your business. We recognize that it has taken hard work to build your business and that your decision to join Oppenheimer is a serious one. Our entire management team is singularly focused on helping you succeed professionally and personally, as you help your clients pursue their financial goals. We follow a dedicated formula to support your growth and success—strong transition services, top professional development, and clear recognition of your contributions and achievements.

Transition Services

We provide the support, guidance, and service you need at every stage of the transition process—from before you've moved to Oppenheimer, as you're onboarding, and well after you've joined. Our goal is to help you make a seamless transition and start serving clients from day one. Often, we find, joining Oppenheimer affords an excellent opportunity to re-engage existing clients and prospective clients.

Comprehensive Transition Support

  • Formal six stage transition management program—focusing especially on the 2 months before you join us and the subsequent 2 months after you join
  • Opportunity to visit our Home Office in New York, and meet senior management and key product and service heads
  • Conference calls or meetings with product areas relevant to your practice as well as introductions to recent new hires
  • Client mailing process that is efficient and compliant with the recruiting protocol
  • Transition best practices and protocol review
  • New Financial Professional marketing kit
  • Local transition team to assist with new accounts opening, ACATS submission, integration support, etc.
  • One-on-one training on the Money Guide Pro Planning process and all FA desktop workstation applications
  • Post-hire integration strategy meeting

Professional Development

We are committed to providing comprehensive professional development to all our Financial Professionals. These programs are designed to help Financial Professionals manage and grow their businesses by attracting new clients and expanding access to the wealth of existing clients.

Beyond formal training and best-in-class programs that are available for all Financial Professionals, we will work with you to select and individualize the right set of development programs for your business—rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all model. We recognize that your practice is unique and strive to deliver programs and individual
support that builds on your success.

Professional Development Programs

  • Practice management tools for three distinct areas:
    – Managing Wealth
    – Client Service and Retention
    – Marketing
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges
  • Business model consultations
  • Individual coaching
  • Methodology to transition practice to client focused fee-based model
  • Marketplace research and awareness
  • Educational series for Financial Professionals and their nextgeneration family business associates


We recognize that your success matters. Financial Professionals are at the heart of our firm and each and every Financial Professional matters to the management team. We appreciate what you have already achieved and will recognize your future success.

We believe hard work should be rewarded and rewarded well. Our compensation is aligned to recognize your success in meeting the needs of clients rather than selling
a certain set of products.

Beyond compensation, we offer membership to prestigious councils with incentive award trips, celebrate longevity at the firm, and value individual achievements. We share your professional and personal accolades firm-wide through our Oppenheimer Today Newsletter. This recognition of success extends to the broader industry as well. Oppenheimer Financial Professionals regularly receive external awards and are very well represented in industry rankings.

Resources & Support

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