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Rare & Orphan Disease Summit

  • May 21, 2021
  • Virtual

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there may be as many 7,000 rare diseases affecting as many as 25-30 million Americans. Worldwide, among countries with some form of a developed healthcare system, the number of people affected with a rare disease could be double or triple the U.S. number.

Oppenheimer Healthcare is dedicated to finding and highlighting opportunities in Rare & Orphan Disease to investors. We find that BioPharma companies, especially in the small-cap space are increasingly focusing on these diseases due to high value disease targets, translating into innovative medicines that have greater economic value to investors.

On May 21, please join us at our virtual Rare & Orphan Disease Summer which will feature 1on1 meetings with a select group of specialty pharma and biotech companies focused on developing therapies and treatments for some of these rare and orphan diseases. Investors will have the opportunity to meet with management teams to discuss in detail key therapeutic programs in development and recent corporate updates.

The development of therapies for rare diseases has become a defining goal among smaller, science-driven biopharma companies. With approved treatments available for just 5% of the nearly 7,000 “orphan” disorders, we see tremendous and sustainable growth potential for this innovative segment of the drug industry.

healthcare graphics
healthcare graphics
Quotation from Aenean Pretium

"As part of Oppenheimer’s ongoing commitment to deliver high-value content to investors and the life science industry, we are excited to host more than 40 companies at our upcoming Rare and Orphan Disease Summit. We are proud to highlight the organizations working diligently to provide relief to the more than 25 million Americans impacted by rare diseases.”

Michael Margolis, R.Ph. Co-Head of Healthcare, Head of Life Sciences