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An Annuity for Every Type of Investor

  • Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
  • October 24, 2019

Whether you are in the height of your working career, beginning to plan for retirement or are in retirement, an annuity could be a possible strategy to help grow and protect your hard earned assets. 

Annuity for Every Type of Investor

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If you are you approaching retirement and looking for a safe investment to provide a steady stream of income in retirement, a fixed indexed annuity could be a good choice for you.

With life expectancies increasing, the need for a product that offers growth potential, preservation of your assets and lifetime income is more important than ever. A fixed indexed annuity can provide all of those features and more.

Fixed index annuities can offer:

  • The opportunity to capture upside potential while having a level of protection from market downturns
  • Tax-deferred growth on non-qualified assets
  • Protected income for life

If you want equity exposure to grow your assets, but may want some guaranteed income in the future, a variable annuity could be an option for you.

In certain variable annuity products you have the ability to custom build your annuity based on your unique timelines, investment goals and the level of market risk that you are comfortable with. Lifetime income and death benefits can be also added to these products allowing you to customize your contract and pursue your individual goals whether it be growth, income, or protection for your family.

Variable annuities can offer:

  • Equity exposure with the ability to choose from a lineup of well-known portfolios, managed by some of the most highly regarded asset managers in the industry
  • Tax-deferred growth on non-qualified assets
  • Protected income for life
  • Estate planning opportunities

If you have maxed out your IRA and 401k contributions and are looking for an alternative tax-deferred vehicle to accumulate wealth, an investment only variable annuity could be a choice for you. 

It is designed to enhance traditional investing with diverse investment options and tax advantages to help you manage risk and prepare for retirement. 

Investment only variable annuities can offer:

  • Tax-deferred growth on non-qualified assets
  • Access to equity, fixed income and alternative investments
  • Strategies that seek to preserve your principal and pursue long term growth
  • A powerful estate planning tool, with the potential to stretch income across multiple generations

If you are approaching retirement and looking for some upside growth, but are concerned about a market downturn, an indexed variable annuity could be a strategy for you. They allow you to maintain a level of protection in down markets, while taking advantage of growth opportunities when markets are up. These products are designed to offer stability in an unpredictable market.

An indexed variable annuity can offer:

  • A level of protection that ensures losses are limited when markets turns volatile
  • The ability to take advantage of growth opportunities in the market
  • Tax-deferred growth on non-qualified assets
Lower fees

If you’re retired and looking for additional income to supplement Social Security payments and income from other retirement accounts, there are various types of annuities that can offer you additional income in retirement:

  • Single premium immediate annuities can offer you immediate income for life with the option to leave any remaining assets to your heirs
  • Variable annuities can offer guaranteed lifetime income with the possibility of growth based on market performance
  • Fixed indexed annuities can provide premium protection, and have options for lifetime income

Speak to an Oppenheimer Financial Advisor today to discuss how an annuity can be a strategy for you.