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Year-End Planning

  • Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
  • December 16, 2020

This holiday season, as we spend time with family and friends, whether in person or virtual, we will reflect on how truly blessed we are and how we want to protect and care for them today and in the future.

Life insurance can play a pivotal role in planning, providing comfort and financial security for those we love. Most often it is only considered for those who are married with children, but the fact is, life insurance can provide protection for anyone regardless of their circumstances.

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Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Life Insurance Policy?

If You are a Stay at Home Parent

Often times, life insurance is thought of as necessary coverage for the primary breadwinner in the household. However, the financial support a stay at home parent provides is not always taken into consideration. If they were to pass away, the survivor would have to cover expenses associated with his or her responsibilities such as childcare and daily household duties.

If You are Single with No Children, Supporting Family Members

It can be quite common for single adults to provide financial support for their families. Life insurance can help provide the financial assistance family members are accustomed to should an unexpected death occur. It can also be used to cover any final expenses, including outstanding debt from the estate.

If You are An Empty Nester

Many retirees often feel that without dependents they have sufficient income to maintain their current lifestyle, and life insurance is not necessary. However, if one spouse were to pass away, the survivor would be responsible for any outstanding medical bills and funeral expenses. Life insurance can provide the additional financial support and security during that time.

As you consider your life insurance needs, an Oppenheimer Financial Professional can assist you in making the right decisions in the planning process, providing you with confidence that you are on the right path to a secure financial future.


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