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Private Life Sciences Company Call Series

  • Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
  • June 24, 2020

Monday, June 29 – Thursday, July 2, 2020


We are pleased to invite you to a virtual call series highlighting the next generation of life sciences private companies from Monday, June 29th – Thursday, July 2nd, 2020. We will be hosting the companies for 35 minute presentations with time for Q&A over the four days.

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Participating Companies as of June 18 :

Alpha Tau Medical, Amplo Biotechnology, Artios Pharma Inc., Aruna Bio, Atrin Pharmaceuticals, BioSight Pharma, Cadent Therapeutics, Caribou Biosciences, Carisma Therapeutics, Cingulate Therapeutics, Decibel Therapeutics, Dynacure, Eureka Therapeutics, Excision BioTherapeutics, FogPharma, Foghorn Therapeutics, Glycostem, Immunocore, Intensity Therapeutics, Kuur Therapeutics, Lava Therapeutics, NodThera, Obsidian Therapeutics, Ohana Biosciences, Palvella Therapeutics, ReAlta Life Sciences, Inc., Sensei BioTherapeutics, Shape Therapeutics, Tempest Therapeutics, Triplet Therapeutics, Viramal


Time Company Presenter
1:30 PM ET Artios Pharma Inc.
Click here to join Artios Pharma Inc.
Niall Martin, CEO
2:15 PM ET Lava Therapeutics
Click here to join Lava Therapeutics
Stephen Hurly, CEO
3:00 PM ET Eureka Therapeutics
Click here to join Eureka Therapeutics
Dr. Cheng Liu, President and CEO
3:45 PM ET Obsidian Therapeutics
Click here to join Obsidian Therapeutics
Paul Wotton, CEO
Ryan Daws, CFO
4:30 PM ET Tempest Therapeutics
Click here to join Tempest Therapeutics
Tom Dubensky, CEO
Steve Brady, President & COO

Time Company Presenter
8:00 AM ET Glycostem
Click here to join Glycostem
Troels Jordansen, CEO
8:45 AM ET TBA
9:30 AM ET ReAlta Life Sciences, Inc.
Click here to join ReAlta Life Sciences
Ulrich Thienel, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer
10:15 AM ET Excision BioTherapeutics
Click here to join Excision BioTherapeutics
Daniel Dornbusch, CEO
11:00 AM ET Triplet Therapeutics
Click here to join Triplet Therapeutics
Nessan Bermingham, Founder, President & CEO
11:45 AM ET Amplo Biotechnology
Click here to join Amplo Biotechnology
Patricio Sepulveda, CEO
Al Hawkins, President
12:30 PM ET PANEL: Zooming to a Cure: Oncology BD in the Time of COVID
Click here to join panel
  • Chris Sheldon, Vice President, Global Head of Business Development & Licensing, Oncology R&D, AstraZeneca
  • Rachael Lester, VP Corporate Development, Harpoon Therapeutics
  • Marc Ceulemans, Head of Strategic Venture Capital Fund, Pharma Equities , Novartis AG
  • Niels P. Emmerich, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Head Search and Evaluation, AbbVie
  • Derek DiRocco, Ph.D., Principal, Investments, RA Capital Management
  • Vanessa Bhark, Senior Associate, Life Sciences, Frazier Healthcare Partners

Oppenheimer Host:
Michael A. Margolis, R.Ph., Co-Head of Healthcare Investment Banking
1:30 PM ET Intensity Therapeutics
Click here to join Intensity Therapeutics
Lewis H. Bender, CEO
Dr. Ian B. Walters, Chief Medical Officer
2:15 PM ET Alpha Tau Medical
Alpha Tau Medical
Raphi Levy, CFO
3:00 PM ET Cingulate Therapeutics
Click here to join Cingulate Therapeutics

Shane J. Schaffer, PharmD, Chairman & CEO
Laurie Myers, COO
Lou Van Horn, CFO
Matthew Brams, MD, CMO
Raul Silva, MD, CSO

3:45 PM ET Sensei Biotherapeutics
Click here to join Sensei Biotherapeutics
John Celebi, President & CEO
Rob Pierce, Chief Scientific Officer
Marie-Louise Fjaellskog, Chief Medical Officer
4:30 PM ET FogHorn
Click here to join FogHorn

Allan Reine, MD, Chief Financial Officer
Adrian Gottschalk, Chief Executive Officer

Time Company Presenter
8:00 AM ET NodThera
Click here to join NodThera
Adam Keeney, CEO
8:45 AM ET Immunocore
Click here to join Immunocore
Bahija Jallal, CEO
Brian DiDonato, CFO & Head of Strategy
9:30 AM ET Biosight Pharma
Click here to join BioSight Pharma
10:15 AM ET Decibel Therapeutics
Click here to join Decibel Therapeutics
Laurence Reid, CEO
11:00 AM ET Dynacure
Click here to join Dynacure
Stephane Van Rooijen, CEO
11:45 AM ET FogPharma
Click here to join FogPharma
Greg Verdine, Co-Founder & CEO
Tony Gibney, CFO & CBO
12:30 PM ET PANEL: Alternative Paths to Going Public
APOs including Reverse Mergers, Form-10s & SPACs
Click here to join panel
  • Jay File, CFO, Evofem Biosciences, Inc. (EVFM)
  •  Adam Cutler, CFO, Molecular Templates, Inc. (MTEM)
  • Scott Morenstein, Managing Director, Life Sciences Investing, CAM Capital
  • Keith W. Marshall, Ph.D., M.B.A., Former Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, Conatus Pharmaceuticals
  • Mike Celano, CFO, Larimar Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Vishal Kapoor, President, Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Company

Oppenheimer Host:
Michael A. Margolis, R.Ph., Co-Head of Healthcare Investment Banking
Stefan Loren, Ph.D., Managing Director, Healthcare Investment Banking
1:30 PM ET Carisma Therapeutics
Click here to join Carisma Therapeutics
Steven Kelly, CEO & President
2:15 PM ET Kuur Therapeutics
Click here to join Kuur Therapeutics
Kevin S. Boyle, Sr., Chief Executive Officer
Kurt C. Gunter , Chief Medical Officer
3:00 PM ET Ohana Biosciences
Click here to join Ohana Biosciences
Amber Salzman, President & CEO
3:45 PM ET Viramal
Click here to join Viramal
Oliver Bates, CEO
4:30 PM ET Caribou Biosciences
Click here to join Caribou Biosciences
Rachel Haurwitz, President and CEO

Time Company Presenter
8:00 AM ET Atrin
Click here to join Atrin
Oren Gilad, CEO
Rich Fitzgerald, CFO
8:45 AM ET Palvella Therapeutics
Click here to join Palvella Therapeutics
Wes Kaupinen, President and CEO
9:30 AM ET Cadent Therapeutics
Click here to join Cadent Therapeutics
Jodie Morrison, CEO
John McBride, CFO
Tim Piser, CSO
Chris Kenney, CMO
Nicole Luosey, VP, Strategic and Program Operations
10:15 AM ET Aruna Bio
Click here to join Aruna Bio
Mark Sirgo, Chief Executive Officer
11:00 AM ET Shape Therapeutics
Click here to join Shape Therapeutics
Francois Vigneault, PhD, President and CEO
John Suliman, CFO

For more information, please contact your Oppenheimer institutional sales representative or Financial Professional


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